Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1. What are the shipping rates for my orders?


A1. Check our new flat shipping rate below:

Less than $ 100.00 Full price
$ 100.00 - $ 199.99 $ 10.00 Flat shipping rate
$ 200.00 - $ 299.99 $ 15.00 Flat shipping rate
$ 300.00 - $ 399.99 $ 20.00 Flat shipping rate
Over $400.00 (*In-stock items only) Free ground shipping


* Over-sized items may be subject to additional shipping costs.

* This offer is valid in all 48 contiguous states. It is not valid in Alaska, Hawaii, and all other U.S. territories including Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. A residential surcharge of $5.00 will be added for all residential areas. A COD service charge of $12.90 will be made on each carton from UPS (United Parcel Service) for all COD orders. This rate will be based on the original order amount. In order to apply a low flat rate of shipping, we choose the shipping carrier depending on the actual size and weight of the package. If you would like to choose the shipping carrier for your package, please leave a note of the preferred shipping carrier. We usually ship via UPS Ground, but if shipping carrier is changed for whatever reason, there may be additional shipping cost. When customers create orders, a $5.00 residential area surcharge from UPS will be added. This surcharge will be refunded for shipments to all commercial areas directly after the shipping process is complete. Terms are subject to change without notice.


Q2. What is the policy on shipping?


A2. Orders will generally be shipped within two (1) – three (3) business days after receipt of full payment and depending on availability of goods. Shipping method will be chosen at the time of shipping out, which depends on actual shipping cost. Requesting a specific method of shipping may occur additional shipping charge. Customers must leave a note if there is any specific method they prefer to be shipped. Vendor is not responsible for any pre-sold items, so we recommend not selling any items to customers before the shipment arrives. A single order may not be shipped to multiple shipping addresses.


Q3. Can I use product images from the website if I purchased the item?


A3. Buyers cannot use Avenue Zoe images and brand name to sell their merchandise on any third-party websites. Buyers can download images of our products from the “Order History” webpage. Using pictures of products they did not purchase is prohibited.


Q4. Can I return or exchange sale items?


A4. Return and exchange is not available for all sale items in the “On Sale”  category.


Q5. What's the difference between gold dipped, gold plated, and gold filled?
A5.    To make gold-filled jewelry, the core metal is sandwiched between two layers of gold alloy, heated, and passed through a roller many times to bond the metals together and thin out that sheet. This gold needs to be 10K or higher. 
          To make gold plated jewelry, an electric current is used to negatively charge the base metal and positively charge a solution containing gold ions. The positive gold ions are attracted to the negative charge of the core metal, which slowly forms a layer of gold on top of the core metal. Gold-dipped jewelry has a layer of gold alloy with a thickness less than two microns.